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Aguado Marin

Architecture and design workshop

Work philosophy

Is very important for us that you are one of the team. We want to create a link to understand your needs and carry out a project with you as the most important point. At the same time, we empower you to improve the environment where we live, fostering critical thinking and creativity.

Our architecture is sensitive to people and committed to the planet, therefore we use sustainable materials that have a minimum environmental impact.

We are a multidisciplinary team that includes people specialized in different professional fields and with origins from all over the country.

Daniel Aguado | Architect and founder


Pablo Puyuelo | Collaborator

Xavi Ramirez | Collaborator

Technical Projects and Construction Management

We carry out this type of project for renovations in homes and commercial premises and also in building renovations.

This project is necessary for administrative procedures such as the building license, with which you get a project to have a budget and a quality guarantee. We advise our clients in choosing materials that best suit their needs and tastes to achieve the best possible spatial proposal. In the event of having to receive a loan, can present the technical documents on the progress of the works to the bank.

During construction, we direct the execution of the works and coordinate the conflicting interests of the client and the different professionals for the benefit of the project.

Preliminary Draft, Basic and Execution Projects

We write this type of project especially for new construction. Which includes all the technical and administrative documentation to carry it out.

Preliminary draft

It serves to study the feasibility of the project both from an administrative and architectural point of view. Regulations are analyzed in depth and we carry out consultations with the urban planning administration of the corresponding municipality.

Subsequently, we outline the project with the client's premises and demands and we advise on all spatial and architectural aspects to approach a specific project idea, it is a very narrow work process between the client and the studio.

Basic Project

In this phase, all the spatial and architectural aspects of the project are defined. Along with this, a summary of the Material Execution Budget is drawn up, which is a very approximate summary of the final work budget.

The Basic Project is used to request the Building License from the public administration.

Execution Project

In this phase, all the construction aspects of the project, the structures and the facilities are developed.  The Material Execution Budget is drafted in depth, detailing all work items.

All the set of documentation are necessary to be able to start building.


We have a global vision of our projects and we make integral designs. Accordingly we design the furniture or look for the pieces that are more in line with the idea of your project.

Technical Documents

Certificates of occupancy. Energy certificates. Building technical inspections (ITE). Projects to adapt to current regulations. Activity license. Construction Management. Technical and Legal Advice.

Architecture laboratory for children

The laboratory is the part of the studio that designs pedagogical content, as well as objects and places for playful learning.

The objective is to introduce tools and knowledge on the bases of architecture from workshops in order to awaken and stimulate the spatial curiosity of children so that they can perceive and respect the urban environment, in addition to empowering young citizens who know how to express themselves and be critical of your environment.

In the workshops the game is the basis for learning aspects such as form, space, tectonics, place and representation in a playful way.

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